Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

We had our 28th wedding anniversary last week. My husband reminded me that it was a special one because I married him when I was 28 years old and that meant that I have now spent half of my life married to him.

I gave him a new wallet and he gave me these flowers, some overpriced strawberries (that I had been denying myself), and a love letter very like the one he wrote me on our wedding day. To quote my husband, “It really feels like we have one shared life.” Begonia



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7 Responses to Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

  1. adoyle says:

    Congrats šŸŒ¹

    Sent from my U.S. CellularĀ® Smartphone

  2. DeeAnn says:

    Happy, Happy Anniversary. Wishing you many more beautiful and wonderful years together. My DH & I had our 24th anniversary last week.

  3. Donna Hobscheid says:

    Haspy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!

  4. Congratulations to you from both of us.
    Paul & Di.

  5. Jen says:

    Happy 28th to you guys. My, how the years fly by.

  6. Pamela Norpell says:

    Sweet gifts. Worth millions!

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