Spring Has Sprung

Beautiful Robin Hood tulips growing in one of my front vegetable beds.

I’ve been doing a lot of odds and ends in the garden over the last couple of days alone and with the help of my husband. The local farm store had a sale on fruit and vegetable plants. I got 20 present off on onion sets and ginger and rhubarb roots. The first thing I planted was the rhubarb. I dipped into my stash of compost again for this job. Rhubarb is a heavy feeder. This fall I will dump a full bushel of cow or horse manure onto it to give it a good start next spring!

I have had lots of the small bulbs blooming and now the tulips and daffodils have joined in. I like the bulbs that naturalize.

If I buy blooming bulbs, I like the ones that are potted in dirt so that I can transplant them outside. I did this with a hyacinth and tulip I bought in individual pots at Aldi earlier this spring. They look pretty sad now, but they should come back next year.

I spent some quality time in our raspberry patch digging out more brambles and removing dead wood. The brush pile on the front terrace is growing. I also dug and pulled a lot of Dames Rocket. I love the way it looks and smells, but it is a pestilence in the back border.

Part of our willow tree came down in an ice storm this past winter. Some kind neighbors came over and practiced their newly acquired chain saw skills on it. I ended up with some nice fire wood and some very crushed lawn furniture. We took the last of the broken wooden lawn furniture to the village compost site yesterday and returned with a load of wood chips which we distributed around the yard to bare spots.

I’m going to take another shot at straw bale culture this year! (I’ll tell you the rest of the story later. )

We will have to visit the compost site about four or five more times before we have all the paths and garden areas rechipped. We also will be on the look out for three more bales of straw and a lot of scrap lumber to do a few building and gardening projects, but those will be stories for another day! Begonia



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6 Responses to Spring Has Sprung

  1. Sorry about the tree but yay Spring! I love your blog and i look forward to following.

  2. DeeAnn says:

    No, send me your willow tree. 🙂 I want it. I guess transcribingmemory got first dibs. 🙂 I love the progress on your backyard. I looked out the window yesterday and noticed some of my bulbs blooming that I planted last year. I was so excited.

    • Trust me–neither of you want this tree! It is at least 50 years old and about 3 feet in diameter. It is huge and drops tree-size limbs without warning. I would like to replace it with an oak I have growing in another part of the yard. Not a tree to relax under :-). I’m glad your yard is waking up too. We’ve been working hard in our front and back yard, and I will be blogging about it all soon. Take care, Begonia

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