Homeschooling: My kid the Artist

img_8117It is interesting that I feel more comfortable writing about homeschooling now that I have a certain amount of distance from it--my student is now a sophomore in college (and get ready, because I’m going to brag) pulling a 4.0. Homeschooling really does work.

One of the items on my child’s bucket list was to learn how to draw the human figure. We weren’t able to manage that in the homeschool because the person who taught art in our group wasn’t comfortable with human models. I decided that she would have to wait until college for life drawing. They use professional models and a studio environment and level of instruction that we were all more comfortable with. She came home on winter break with some very large nude charcoals, which now populate the walls of her basement living space. My favorite is a very abstract one that I was going to put on this page but decided some folks might be made uncomfortable, so you will just have to take my word that the kid does good work.

img_8119I noticed the other day her sketch book laying open with an entire page of noses–16 to be exact. This is my favorite of those 16. Gogol wrote a story about a nose that decided to leave it’s face and strike out on its own. It eventually outranked it’s owner. Without looking in a mirror, when was the last time you saw your nose?

She’s working on ears now. Did you know that ears are as unique to each person as their finger prints? They look weird disembodied. (You will be reassured to know that I don’t have a favorite ear.)


She did eventually fill the page with 16 ears!

These features were found on Pinterest. It’s a safer place to find faces, ears, eyes, noses, and photos of people groups to draw with less unwelcome explicit material that a search engine or a google image search might dredge up. HOWEVER–No place on the internet is really “safe.” I’d advise any family using it for subjects to draw to supervise their children closely.  I say this for the benefit of any homeschooling families out there with budding artists. Begonia

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6 Responses to Homeschooling: My kid the Artist

  1. DeeAnn says:

    Your daughter is so very talented. Yes, I agree homeschooling does turn out high GPA’s. Brag about her constantly! 🙂 Congratulations to her & you Mom too.

  2. Wow; this is incredible! What a talent.

  3. Just amazing!! I love hearing these beautiful stories about homeschooled graduates and college students because right now my kiddos are homeschooled 2nd graders and younger and some days I get a little anxious about their future!! So glad I stumbled across this post!!:)

    • I am glad to be an encouragement to you in your homeschooling journey with your children. Kids are sponges for knowledge. You provide the rich environment and opportunities for learning and the children will do the rest. Keep up the good work! Begonia

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