Freebie of the Week: What Is it?


There was only one garage sale in town this week. We are in that dead time during the hottest days of summer. There are very few sales during this time period.

This one sale was pretty cool. It covered three days and had lots of cool stuff. I got myself a nice leather purse for $8, a neat brass candle holder, some butterfly wings for my grandchild, battery-powered window fan for my kid’s dorm room, some ruby glass for 25 cents (lots of ruby glass out on the lawn this summer), and a mermaid. (Yes, a mermaid.) I saw stuff that I walked away from as well. I figured that if those things were still there on Saturday, I would haggle for them.

When I returned to the sale on Saturday, the first thing I noticed was the box full of what looked like big pots and pans that had printed on it in Sharpie, “What is it?” I stopped and peered in the box and one of the people running the sale walks up and stands next to me and peers into the box as well.

I realized that what I was looking at was a disassemble 12-quart juice extractor. The rubber hose and the little nozzle that it fits onto was a dead giveaway. (I’ve blogged on juice extracting before. I usually borrow my neighbor’s extractor.) After digging around in the box, I explained what each of the pieces were for and what it was and asked what they wanted for it. IMG_7930

They replied, “It’s all yours, take it.”

I said, “Are you sure?”

They said, “We decided whoever could tell us what it was could have it for free!”

I said, “Thank you!”

Wow! One of these extractors cost around $60-70 new, and this one was in pretty good shape. So now I have my own extractor quite unexpectedly. You just never know what is going to happen when you wake up in the morning. Begonia

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2 Responses to Freebie of the Week: What Is it?

  1. DeeAnn says:

    You made out like a bandit. I thought I did good this week with my new pedestal sink, Bentwood Rocker & air popcorn popper (One of the fancy models). I would have been thrilled to get the juicer, ruby glass and mermaid. I love mermaids. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you find.

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