Donating: Scrap Yarn Becomes Cat Blankets

IMG_7734I mentioned in previous blogs that I have been the recipient (and sometimes the beneficiary) of scrap yarn and yarn stashes. Sometimes I am given yarn by the trash bag load. Other times I pick up a few choice skeins for low, low prices at garage sales and thrift stores.

Some of the yarn becomes gifts for family and friends or useful things that I need for around the house. Most of the baby yarn becomes items donated to my church. I often use single skeins of common, four-ply yarn to make blankets for shelter animals, especially cats.

IMG_7777The Dane County Humane Society uses these cat blankets in the cages to make a comfortable place for the kitties to rest. They also add a small stuffed animal for the strays to cuddle. When the cats and kittens are adopted, the small blanket and stuffed animal go with the cat to provide a familiar smell and comfort while their new homes are still strange to them.

It is fun to try out new stitches and patterns on these small blanket projects. It also helps me keep my yarn stash from overflowing the craft closet! During the first flush of village-wide garage sales in neighboring towns, I picked up a number of stuffed animals to accompany the kitty blankets. Some people just gave me the animals when they found out they would be donated to the Dane County Humane Society shelter.

IMG_6627Our first adopted cat, Bert the Snert, came home with a blankie and small stuffed tiger. We didn’t bury him with these items. I found them later and decided to wash and return them to the shelter with this batch of blankets and stuffed animals.

Your local shelter probably has a list of needed supplies and objects on their website. If you have a heart for animals with no homes, I encourage you to visit and donate some items that your local rescue organization or shelter may need. Begonia

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2 Responses to Donating: Scrap Yarn Becomes Cat Blankets

  1. Actually this reminds me of a song.
    One by Dolly Parton, “Coat of many colours”. (1979)
    I knew a couple once who also knitted in many colours.
    That’s all they could afford.

    • I know the song. Dolly grew up in the hills. She knew poverty–not that she’s poor anymore! My family was poor, but we always had winter coats and my grandmother made sure we had shoes. I remember seeing poor Mexican kids on my to school waiting for the crossing guard wearing just sweaters in the middle of the winter, shivering with their arms wrapped around themselves. They had run all the way from Horseshoe Bend by the railroad tracks, a half mile away, no winter boots either. Tough old world–just when you think you have it bad, you meet someone who has it worse.

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