Free Novelty Yarn = Chain Reaction Scarves

IMG_7871 (2)

Samwise graciously agreed to model the scarves. Thanks Sam!

I made these fuzzy scarves last night while catching up on some of my YouTube subscriptions. The pattern is called Chain Reaction. A friend had given me a garbage bag of yarn. (She had picked through it and gave the rest to me.) There was all kinds of yarn in there, including some novelty yarns. She doesn’t have much regard for this kind of yarn. Truly, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Granted this yarn isn’t the easiest to work with, but I think it has its place in the crochet universe. I use this kind of yarn most often as edging on hats. Some people like to combine it with another strand of four-ply yarn to make something bulkier or more furry. I thought I’d use this batch of scrap novelty yarn to make a couple of fashion scarves.

This pattern works up quickly in multiples of 20 plus 5 to whatever length and with whatever yarn you have on hand. In this case, I used a type of bobble-eyelash and chenille-on-cord yarns, respectively. This scarf is worked horizontally, so you make the base chain as long as you want the scarf to be.

The yarn worked up interestingly. I had to guess rather than count on my second row because I couldn’t see the base chain of the first row clearly enough! I had to stretch the 16 chain over the base chain and guess where to place my double  crochets. Sometimes you have to go on faith in your ability to crochet evenly to get the next stitch in the proper loop.

IMG_7870 (2)

Tender Sammy

I showed my daughter the finished scarves and she commented that they looked like something a middle schooler from the 1990s (which seems like a long time ago to her!) would wear. Anyone out there in cyberspace feel like indulging your inner middle schooler? Just use the comment function at the end of this blog and indicate that you would like one of the scarves. I will e-mail you requesting your mailing address, and mail you one of these scarves! First come, first served. Begonia



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4 Responses to Free Novelty Yarn = Chain Reaction Scarves

  1. deb says:

    I think they are wonderful cousin! Those type of scarves are the rage down here in Chicago land area. I would be honored to receive one of your creations, if there are any left. You are right when you said one persons trash is another persons treasure!!

  2. DeeAnn says:

    Teenagers are the best critics, lol! I love your baby. He is so thrilled. He’s like what did I ever do to deserve this? 🙂 I love his eyes. I think your scarves are pretty. I have an infinity scarf I made that is very similar to yours. Nobody would accuse me of being a middle schooler. 🙂 I love novelty yarn too. I use it for dollmaking, cards, bookmarks, etc….

    • Thanks for the ideas! I make bookmarks out of some of the nice cards that I get from different people. I like to put a bit of ribbon on one end of them that hangs down when they are marking place in a book. I will start using some of this yarn for that purpose as well! Always good to hear from you, Begonia

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