Bloglet: Adventure? I’d Rather Plant Beans


Doesn’t Samwise look relaxed? First Breakfast, Second Breakfast. No adventures for this guy.

We’ve actually done a little traveling lately (part of the reason I haven’t been blogging). In late May, I had a motorcycle touring adventure with my husband. We ended up covering 700 miles over four days. We rented a cycle in the Twin Cities and rode the Mississippi River Road south (because they were getting their last snow of the season farther north!)

I was reminded that adventure is pushing beyond your comfort zone and not having nonstop fun. I froze and the views were beautiful. I was terrified and had to keep going. The last time I did something comparable it was a 7-day, 400-mile bicycle tour across half of Iowa during a drought and heat wave in the late 1980s. It was in the high 90s to over 100F. On the hottest day, I drank water continuously and never needed a bathroom break. It was so dry there were no mosquitoes. I slept half in and out of a pup tent on the ground without a mat and didn’t wake up when raccoons raided the camp! (I really don’t get the romance of camping. To me it is something you do when you can’t afford a motel room.)

On both trips we met some great people. On our most recent trip it was some birders who we breakfasted with and who later helped us identify some birds. (We didn’t have enough room in the motorcycle’s panniers to pack any field guides.) On the bicycle trip, it was an elderly woman who invited a couple of us into the foyer of her newly air-conditioned home when we stopped for a breather in a little Iowa town high above the Mississippi River. (By this point, I’d stopped sweating–I later learned this was a very bad sign.) It was so cold we could almost see our breath. That lady’s hospitality saved me from a trip to the ER that day.

In June, we put the 200,000th mile on our rusty Chrysler minivan driving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We only spent a few days in Big Sky country. It was nice to see family, and it was good to not be in Wisconsin for a while. Not being home and getting the job done in my garden had me on pins and needles. I have to admit to being a bad tourist at the end there. My poor husband and daughter are high self-monitors to my almost no self-monitor. We were in one of the few coffee shops in Sioux Falls and once again–they had ZERO dark roast coffee. (It’s the latest hipster fad–highly acidic brew, think cider vinegar–served with a heaping helping of snootiness at no additional cost). When told that a pour-over for three of us would take an additional 20-30 minutes. (I can do a French press at home in half that time.) I found myself saying something along the lines of “Look, I just want to leave South Dakota. Please give us whatever you already have brewed. Sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings, I just want to go home.” I guess we all have our moments–it keeps me humble.

It has pretty much been working in our business, teaching the kid to drive, and lot’s of gardening ever since, with interludes of garage and estate sales and junk picking. I still haven’t gotten my back 40 under control and still need to plant some more green beans, cucumbers, and summer squash. (I’ve been waiting out the vine borer’s life cycle. I’m determined to have some zucchini and cucumbers this year!)

Hope your summer is a little less busy than mine. Take a page out of Sam’s book. Begonia




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2 Responses to Bloglet: Adventure? I’d Rather Plant Beans

  1. DeeAnn says:

    Your trip sounds so interesting. I would have probably said the same thing to the coffee people too. I don’t do snootiness. 🙂 I agree I don’t get camping.

    • The outburst in the coffee shop wasn’t one of my finer moments! I didn’t realize until that point how much I just wanted to be home drinking my own strong coffee. Interesting is a good word for the motorcycle tour we did. We own a BMW airhead from the 1980s (which always needs fixing) so we rented the giant (It weighed 900 pounds!) Goldwing we rode on our trip. I tipped us over once while getting off–miscommunication–my husband held on for dear life and it took both of us to get it upright again. Whew!No harm to it or us–we returned it without a scratch! I think I like riding on a smaller bike over shorter distances that makes me have to balance and hang on more. Go figure. Nice hearing from you DeeAnn.

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