Freebie of the (Last) Month

IMG_7794I was at the Black Earth village wide garage sale at the end of last month and found this glider rocker on the terrace with a FREE sign on it! I pulled over quickly and checked it out. After dragging it up on the sidewalk I figured out why it was on the curb.

It wobbled sideways because all of the bolts needed to be tightened and one needed to be replaced. Also, one piece of the platform had come loose and needed to be reglued. It didn’t look like anything my handy husband couldn’t fix, so I wrestled it into the back of the van and took it home.

My husband was pleased with the Mission style of the chair, the color and condition of the cushion, and the fact that it was a quality piece of furniture made by Conant Ball.

The only cost to this very comfortable chair was back pain, some glue, and new bolt. It now lives in our family room. All I need to find is a double recliner in pristine condition and we will be able to watch TV in comfort. I have high hopes. The season is young and you never know what you will find! Begonia


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2 Responses to Freebie of the (Last) Month

  1. DeeAnn says:

    That is a stunning chair! I love it. My precious rocking chair went to rocking chair heaven after twenty years of daily use. It’s in our garage because I swear it can be fixed. My DH is trying to fix it. I am so despondent without it. That chair has history. Plus it’s a vintage Art Noveau rocker. I just spent $100 on a new version of the Bentwood. I looked everywhere for used but everyone was wanting new prices. My thrift stores didn’t have anything either. Trust me I would have been thrilled to find a beautiful free version like yours. 🙂 Old rocking chairs are the best. Rocking chairs are like old quilts. They are full of history and stories. I have recliner’s on layaway at Big Lots. I don’t buy on credit. I usually buy older furniture but my husband & I are in that dire need of furniture. We decided since we keep furniture until it falls apart like twenty years 🙂 we should splurge and buy two new recliners. I really love your chair. I keep admiring it.

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