IMG_7783I had a deep longing for gnocchi and a Cookbook Club meeting at the library to attend. The theme this month was “International Recipes.” I picked the Cooking Light Global Kitchen by David Joachim. The recipe is Potato Gnocchi with Browned Butter on page 197.

I had made the gnocchi in the wee hours of the morning the previous day on the off chance that I would be able get home in enough time from a doctor’s appointment to fry them up for the cookbook club meeting at noon. Once a I got in the swing of rolling out and forming the gnocchi, I was boiling batches of the dumplings every 3 minutes.

I ended up only being able to drop by the library on my way home as everyone was packing up. I fried half the double recipe of gnocchi for supper and froze the rest for when my daughter comes home from college for the summer in May. (She’s been pestering me to make gnocchi for ages.)

IMG_7786It was wonderful—with and without the red sauce with fennel I had made a couple of days previous. Begonia

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