Spring Gardening 2016

I’m going to try to be more faithful sharing what is going on the garden this year.

It finally has become warm enough to pull my miniature roses out of the garage. They had already started putting out new leaves. I set them on the bench next to the big garage door and gave them a good drink of rainwater.

All the greens that I planted in my cold frames last month are up and prospering. I hooked up the rain barrels and they are full. We haven’t had rain in a while so I am using the water to irrigate my newly planted peas and the mesclun, lettuce mixes, and spinach in the cold frames every couple of days.

IMG_7773I have planted potatoes (Yukon Golds and a couple hills of red) in the hay andIMG_7771 straw bales in which I tried to grow tomatoes last year (a total failure!) I will be buying soaker hose to lay on top of what is left of the bales so I have a better chance of being successful this season!

In the former chicken yard, I have planted Sugar Snap peas planted along the back lattice and covered the ground with old hay and leaves. This will keep the weed seeds from germinating. I’ll keep mulching this area with more spoiled hay as the summer progresses.

After spending part of a couple of days this past week cleaning up my plant IMG_7781stand and trays, I occupied most of this morning planting seeds indoors. I started with a tray of seeds that like to germinate at lower temps–60-65F–Golden celery, leeks, onions, and four kinds of cabbage (early, late, and Chinese). Then I planted two trays of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, okra, ground cherry, and many kinds of basil, including cinnamon, lemon, opal, red, mammoth leaf, dwarf mix, and common. I have a heating strip for the plants that like  a warmer germinating temperature.

IMG_7782I know I am planting some of these vegetables late but I never know when a cold spell is going to keep my tomatoes for being planted out or my Brassicas some cooler weather to thrive. Like most people, I know the good that I should do but do the wrong things anyway.

Now if it would just RAIN. Begonia

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One Response to Spring Gardening 2016

  1. DeeAnn says:

    Wishing for you a good soaker rain. No more Winter weather for you all. I love your flowers. Your garden looks gorgeous. I am slowly getting my garden in but it will be small this year, since my husband has finally decided where he wants to put his new workshop. Only took three years for him to decide. 🙂 We are doing rain barrels too. I am very excited about it.

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