Bloglet: Stormy Weather

IMG_7747This is a maple tree blossom that my husband brought indoor to show me after salting the walks and stairs outside. We had an ice storm last night and today. Other parts of the state (Wisconsin) is getting snow, but this far south it was mixed precipitation.

The flower looks big but it is really quite small and magnified by the layers perfectly clear ice encapsulating it.

I sure am glad I don’t have to go anywhere today! Begonia

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2 Responses to Bloglet: Stormy Weather

  1. DeeAnn says:

    That is so stunning. It looks like a resin piece. I am glad you are all safe from the horrendous storm.

    • Sorry it took me a while to get back to you Dee Ann! We have gone from snow four or five days ago to temps in the 70F! I’m scrambling and the city is picking up all of those downed branches now! I have quite a pile on the curb ;-).

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