Crocheting Curtains!

IMG_7719I’ve been doing quite a bit of crocheting this winter and thought I would share one of my projects with you! I’m making curtains for my back door  window.

IMG_7729I was volunteering at the library sorting donated books and noticed this vintage 1970s craft book in the discard box. The cover make it yourself–the uncapitalized title, the orange-red color pallet, the gorpy haircuts—“Ah!” I thought, “A Keeper!”– Pure dee, back-to-the-land era, do-it-yourself gold.

I paged through it quickly and found that it had not the usual granny square vests, odd-looking stuffed animals, and chunky hat and scarf sets but some really nice lace and thread-work patterns.

You've got to love that title, right man?

You’ve got to love that title, right man?

I’d been looking for some new curtains for the backdoor, but didn’t like the machine-made net I was finding, so this project caught my eye. I decided, why not make my own curtains? I figured I could lengthen them with one of the lace edgings if needed.

One person’s trash is indeed another’s treasure! Begonia




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3 Responses to Crocheting Curtains!

  1. DeeAnn says:

    I love it! I love 1970’s vintage, even though I was born in that decade. I am vintage era too. I would have hugged this book if I found it. I can’t wait to see your finished curtains. My home is decorated in a lot of 1970’s vintage.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I like the picture of Samwise and the seeds. Can’t wait to see the curtains.

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