Bloglet: Christmas Tree No. 9

IMG_7604I should have posted this before Christmas but the holiday slipped up quietly on me this year. I was feeling good and pulling out all the stops on decorating. I had most of my shopping done, was well into my Christmas card list, and just thinking about what I wanted to bake and– WHAMMO!–It was Christmas Eve.

The house was in good shape, but I was doing laundry and cooking like a mad woman because all the kids were coming home. (A Good Thing!) I had been so deep into Christmas decorating, gift making, and holiday music wonderland that we were running out of clean underwear and basic (nourishing) things to eat!

Such is the balancing act during the holidays.

I found this tiny tree during some last-minute Christmas shopping with my daughter who is home from her first semester of college (She did very well–homeschooling does work!) on Christmas Eve eve.

This tiny, partially flocked feather-type tree was the last one I dressed thisIMG_7604 (3) year. I remembered the tiny package of West German figural ornaments I had squirreled away against the day I finally found the perfectly proportioned tree on which to hang them: two hearts, a walnut, an acorn, and eight bells. The shy little Japanese angel topper seemed the perfect finish. I also could had have added some tiny gold glass bead, but I didn’t have time to string them–maybe next year! Begonia


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