Decorating the table for Christmas: Estate Sale Find


I’ve been decorating for Christmas! I found this little tree at an estate sale on my street. Maxine, with the help of her family, managed to live in her house to the end of her very long life. It took an estate sale on two separate weekends to liquidate the household.

Estate sales are strange affairs: part funeral, part family reunion, part celebration of life going on. People meet, visit, reminisce, and collect stuff that will be enjoyed and then sold at another estate sale in the future.

IMG_7572I’ve been picking up more and more plastic in recent years. This little  tree was a bit dirty when I acquired it, but it cleaned up well (one of the nice things about plastic). A few of the little glass balls on the tips of the branches need to be replaced and years ago someone fixed the center post with tape,  but I think it looks fine.

I don’t expect perfection in my vintage decorations. They belonged to families that stored them in attics or the back of closets and took them out of the box once a year. Sometimes they were assembled by excited children or hung on a tree and batted around by the family cat. (My grandmother used to hang a couple German glass bells near the bottom of the tree so the cat could ring them!) It’s all part of continuing Christmas memories.

This year I’m using this small tree as part of my holiday centerpiece. I like how it glows when the sun shines through it in the morning! Begonia


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2 Responses to Decorating the table for Christmas: Estate Sale Find

  1. DeeAnn says:

    I love your tree. I love pretty vintage plastic. I really love the story you shared with it. Your neighbor sounds like she had a lovely home filled with lovely things full of history. I always try to buy from thrift stores, garage sells and the like. I love bringing home things that have history. My DH teases me I just like to adopt things that have no home. I think that’s part of it too. 🙂

    • I started collecting plastic because it reminds me of my grandmother’s decorations from the 1960s and 1970s. When she was in her 70s and living with us, I used to put up her tree for her and help her decorate her apartment for Christmas. Nostalgia. Always nice to hear from you.Begonia

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