Decorating with Garage Sale Finds: Vintage Metal Trays

IMG_7515I had a big hole in my life for some time and I finally filled it. That’s it right above the fireplace! You may not be able to tell, but the tray is huge. I found it at the sale of a couple of women who collect basically everything and sell at flea markets, etc.

It was a warm day. This tray was sitting alone on a little folding stand in the sun. The handpainted flowers were flaking. People were looking at it and passing it up because of its size and condition. I looked at it, and the colors were right for my living room. The last thing I needed was another table, I was attracted to its size and peeling nature.

I started to leave the sale, and I just knew that I couldn’t leave it behind. I paid maybe $5 (which about killed me) and then needed potholders to get it to the car because it was so hot from sitting in the sun! After getting it home, I was at a loss as to what to do with the big tray and ended up leaning it in a corner (with several other large objects that I haven’t figured out what to do with yet).

One day I was hoisting things from that corner of large objects and realized, “Hey, this might work above the fireplace!” I’d been looking through some home decorating/collector magazines and had read an article on these handpainted metal trays and the different ways people display them. I guess the info was still at the back of my mind.

IMG_7512I was prepared to make a project out of it when I realized it already had a hanging ring braised onto it! So I hung it with some 20-pound test fishing line (very handy stuff to keep in the junk drawer for many types of jobs around the house).

I think it works pretty well in the space and get to enjoy it every time I enter the room. Check your dusty corners. Begonia




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2 Responses to Decorating with Garage Sale Finds: Vintage Metal Trays

  1. Wanda says:

    Nice find, it looks great above the fireplace!

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