Junk-picked Bird Feeder Back in Service

IMG_7544Just thought I’d quickly share this junk-picking find with all of you. I found this Droll Yankee feeder in perfect condition–it just needed a little cleaning–on the curb in a pile of stuff the homeowner wanted to get rid but not throw away (if that makes sense). People around here (myself included) put things we want to get rid of in the terrace between the sidewalk and curb (public space) a few days before garbage pickup.

I filled most of my feeders late last week. For about two days I had no customers and then the first chickadee appeared. Within two days the feeders filled up with chickadees, tit mice, house finches, English sparrows, nuthatches, cardinals, and some very feisty gold finches! Begonia


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One Response to Junk-picked Bird Feeder Back in Service

  1. Happy find was that.
    We love birds and get bombed regularly in summer by hoards of swifts and swallows.
    Living on the water we see all sorts of bird life from the gawky moor hens to the ugly vulture like herons and the beautiful swans.
    Just think, living in the city for years the most we got excited about was the occasional pigeon or English sparrow. Now the ducks arrive en-mass ot clean the hull of the boat.
    It’s rather like a load of little jack hammers tapping the hull as they move along cleaning off the new weed growth.

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