Bloglet: Compost Site Haul

IMG_7410A lot of people labor in their yards over Labor Day in my little town. Then they bring the fruits of their labors up to the village compost site and dump! Quite a few of the folks on my end of the street like to head up to the compost site to check out the offerings of fruits, vegetables, building materials, and annual, perennial, and house plants.

My neighbor across the street scored a bunch of annual flowers in 4-packs discarded by a retailer in late June. The plants were a bit leggy but recovered well and are huge, robust plants now. I did some picking in early spring and brought home quite a number of perennials as people dug out and disposed of extra daylilies, iris, tulips, and daffodils.


Mostly yellow and some kind of striped Juliette-type cherry tomato

Here’s what I found: 5 or 6 pounds of tomatoes to ripen; a colander of green and red peppers to wash and freeze; a quart container of gladiola bulbs to plant next spring; cucumbers to make into salad for us and feed to my neighbor’s tortoise; two apples to chop for oatmeal or muffins; frilly bleeding hearts to plant and to share; and one large daylily to give to my neighbor. (I left behind a bunch of large iris because we all have more of those than we can handle as it is!)

Not a bad haul for early in the fall scavenging season, although I prefer to consider it gleaning. There will be more and more food dumped by tidy gardeners as the frost date nears. The only thing wrong with most of this food is that there is too much of it! Begonia


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2 Responses to Bloglet: Compost Site Haul

  1. DeeAnn says:

    That is the best haul. My city does not have a compost site. When you share your stories of compost sites it really inspires me. I am going to see how my city can start one. We are the third largest city in my area. We need a compost site. 🙂 I love the stories of your chickens but when I read that your neighbor has a tortoise I started smiling. I have a turtle too.

    • If you think this haul is good, wait until you see what I bring home later in the season! What kind of turtle do you have? I have a sister who has 16 cherry heads 14 of which she hatched out herself. (She has the knack for it. People have told her that she could make a good living selling them, but she only wants her tortoises to go to good homes. So she has a basement and backyard full of little knuckleheads getting bigger and BIGGER! LOL

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