Topping Brussel Sprouts

IMG_7405 (2)I topped my Brussel sprouts today! I grew them for the first time last year but didn’t get them in the ground early enough and topped them too late. My daughter went out and harvested for me (I was recovering from surgery at the time.) and did a lot of hard work for very little return.

You top your sprouts (cut the meristem) so that the side shootsIMG_7401 will grow larger, providing Brussel sprouts for your winter holiday meals. We are two or three weeks from the killing frost here in southern Wisconsin. In recent years, we haven’t had a hard freeze until late October–plenty of time for those sprouts to form and be nipped by frost IMG_7403to make them sweeter.IMG_7404

We are having good fall weather for cabbages and their kin. It is hot but raining. The days are shorter and cooler weather will be here in less than a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to grilled Brussel sprouts and roasted sprouts with balsamic vinegar in November! Begonia

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3 Responses to Topping Brussel Sprouts

  1. Sanderella's says:

    Oh!!! Those look awesome!! What a beautiful picture, and I love them!! ❤

    • Good to hear from you Sandy! I’m going to love them more when they are nicely browned and sizzling from the grill with a little balsamic vinegar drizzled over them! 😉

      • Sanderella's says:

        Your making me hungry!! That sounds so good!! I need to keep in touch more often, I haven’t been keeping up very well….from now on…I promise! ❤

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