Labor Day Harvest


Honestly! I just went out to pick the green beans and on thing led to another.  I ended up with all of this: carrots from my tomato containers; fava bean seeds saved; cherry tomatoes for salad and drying; kohlrabi for steaming and stir frying; and one big head of cabbage that split after last night’s rain storm. My hope is to cut all my green cabbage this coming week and start a crock of kraut.

My tomatoes have been terrible this year, so I will be haunting our local composting site in search of tomatoes to glean and ripen. It has been a good year for apples and pears, so I hope to find some of them to bring home as well. I’ll keep you posted! Begonia

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3 Responses to Labor Day Harvest

  1. Lovely little crop.
    kohlrabi and I aren’t friends though.
    The last time we tried growing them they ended up acting as white fly magnets who then covered the rest of our veg patch.

    We got the last laugh though.
    We went ladybug collecting, 3 matchboxes full of them.
    Then we simply sprinkled them over hte veg patch.
    One week later, loads of ladybugs, no white fly.

    Vastly better than using chemicals.

  2. DeeAnn says:

    Everything looks so good, especially the carrots & tomatoes. I love your garden posts. I find them so inspiring.

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