Bloglet: Morning Fire

IMG_7378I enjoyed a nice fire this morning and just thought I would share it with you.

I have a number of places to sit and enjoy a fire in my yard. This morning I used the small chiminea on my patio. Whenever  branches or twigs are trimmed or fall from the maple, willow, or birch trees in the yard, I break them up to burn right here on the place. I’ve used these fires to warm up while cooking down maple syrup, provide cheer, and pop popcorn!IMG_7383 It has the added benefit of giving me ash to add to my hens’ dust box.

I also have a freestanding fire ring/pit under my willow tree and a big cast iron chiminea on a giant, flat piece of limestone we scavenged from a nearby quarry. I’m a bit of pyro. Earlier this year, I ordered a ferro-rod and steel and have started a few fires with the help of some dryer lint. (It’s not as easy as they make it look.)

My eldest sister got me hooked on morning fires. I used to visit her back in the late 1980s when chimineas first were coming into style. She had one on her patio and would build a fire and drink her coffee while watching the flames every morning until the weather got too cold. It was always dark because she started her day very early. It was a very tranquil way to start the day. Take care, Begonia


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6 Responses to Bloglet: Morning Fire

  1. Anita says:

    Very neat!!

    • Come over some morning predawn and roast some marshmallows with me! Better yet we I’ll spring for some graham crackers and chocolate and we’ll start the day right with s’mores! Meal of Champions! 😉

  2. Stacy Koster says:

    What a relaxing way to begin the day.

  3. Not one toasting marshmallow to be seen!
    You’re slipping lass.

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