Bloglet: New Arrival–Baby Hummingbird

IMG_7295 (4)

This fledgling ruby-throated hummingbird showed up at our window feeder this morning! I had just put out fresh nectar, a 4:1 solution of water and sugar (1/2 cup sugar to 2 cups water) boiled for one minute and allowed to cool completely before filling the feeder. The rest I put into a glass container and store in the refrigerator. I put out fresh nectar every morning after cleaning the feeder with hot water and dish soap. The nectar ferments and is bad for the birds if you don’t change it every 24 hours during hot weather.

This feeder attaches to the window by suction cups and lasts for more than one season if you don’t drop it or break off the tongs that hold the feeder base to the reservoir (which is easy to do), so be careful. It’s my feeder of choice because it is easy to clean and refill. It gets the fearless little creatures close enough for you to see their little transparent tongues flip in and out of their tiny beaks!

We also see these birds feeding from the many flowers that are now blooming on my little farm in town. They especially favor the impatiens (of the single variety) and hosta flowers in the back forty and the petunias, verbena, bee balm, and phlox in the front mixed vegetable and flower garden. It is fun to watch them hover and zoom on a hot summer day. Begonia


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