Garage Sale Clivias

IMG_7186Isn’t it lovely? Last summer I went to a plant sale a couple blocks from my home and found this and another color clivia. Neither were blooming but both were healthy and more than reasonably priced. I bought both plants for a little over $10.

It was a beautiful summer day and this woman’s garage and driveway were filled with succulents and tropical plants and a few cacti. She wasn’t giving stuff away, but her prices were within my reach. She had run out of room in her house and was thinning her collection.

An expert with tropicals, she shared with me how to properly care for my new plants. They spent the winter in the cool south window of our basement office and were watered sparingly. This big common orange clivia responded well and has been blooming for weeks. A smaller white/pink plant has yet to send up a flowering stem, but I am patient and hopeful.

I had been wanting a clivia for years but didn’t feel that I should spend $35 on a plant when there were other bills to pay. I gave her the last of my garage saling money, right down to every last quarter, nickel, and dime in my change purse—and most of my pennies as well!

IMG_7185It is humbling to upend your coin purse and spend your last dime, but in this case it was definitely worth the embarrassment. Begonia

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