Merry Christmas–A Little Late!

IMG_6953I had a bit of computer trouble before Christmas and lost the use of my computer for a while. I wanted to share some of my Christmas decorations and trees with you! I still have some friends who want to come over to my house before New IMG_6961 (2)Years to see my trees, so I thought it would still be appropriate to post some pictures and comments to the people who follow my blog in cyberspace!

I have so many Christmas ornaments that there isn’t enough room in the house for all trees I’d have to put up to display them all in any given year. My solution is to put up rotate my themed trees from year to year.

This year I put up two trees decorated with plastic ornaments. Decorated is a tame word for these trees. They are eIMG_6966nrobed, crusted, dripping with glory! One tree is all homemade ornaments and the other manufactured plastic ornaments from the 1950s through today.

IMG_6969 IMG_6964 (2)IMG_7011





My silver tree went up in the bathroom again, but I only displayed my plastic dime store manger scenes and bottle brush trees on the wall shelves. Having a finite amount of energy this year, I decided to decorate with the things that please me the most–my “desert island” decorations.

IMG_7009IMG_7008My second tree in the living room was covered with vintage glass ornaments IMG_7014I picked up at an estate sale in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this past summer. They are mostly 1970s IMG_6947Shiny Brite. The star indent at the top of the tree has a Shiny Brite hanger, but I’m not sure that it is the genuine article. Nevertheless, it makes a fun topper for this little faux feather tree.

I’m especially enjoying this little owl tree in the library. I am spending a lot of time here recovering, and it is IMG_7018nice to have something lovely on which to focus. The library already has owls lurking in all of its nooks and crannies, but this is Christmas!IMG_7003




Hope you enjoyed all of my decorations. I will keep most of them up until New Years and then take them down over the next few weeks and carefully pack them away until next year. BegoniaIMG_7012


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas–A Little Late!

  1. Anita says:

    Very neat. I enjoyed your pictures and explanations.

    You have more energy than I do. I have an artificial tree and just leave it decorated. We carry it to the basement after Christmas and cover it with a tree bag. Next year, just uncover it, carry it upstairs and plug it in 🙂 My decorations make for an ‘old-fashioned’ tree……..a hodgepodge of decorations the kids made when they were in school (my favorites), gift ornaments and mostly decorations I have made over the years. A lot are dog themed of course since I am a dog lover.

    Hope your holidays continue to be relaxing.

    • Anita: My daughter helped me with most of my decorating of trees and carried any heavy boxes upstairs for me from the storage areas in the basement. She also helped me decorate them! She’s a good kid. We also decorated over a period of weeks whenever I felt like it. I like your idea of keeping the tree intact but covered. If I had more room, I might consider doing that myself. I like to collect ornaments, and I like to handle them and look at them up close, which I get to do plenty of when hanging them and putting them away! Take care, Begonia

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