Bloglet: Vintage Christmas Hostess Apron Café Curtain

IMG_6950 (2)I picked up this vintage Christmas hostess apron for one dollar at the same church bazaar and white elephant sale where I purchased my vintage Christmas magazines. (See my 12-2-14 post.)

I just couldn’t resist it!

When I saw how the sash was attached to the apron, I thought of how easy it would be to run a curtain rod through it and use it as a holiday curtain for my back door. It even turned out to be the perfect width, so the sleigh and present motif is unbunched and undistorted.

You could do this with any apron and pin it if you didn’t want to sew a pocket for the rod. I love old hostess aprons–even though they are charming but frivolous! (I think I am attracted to them because they are charming and frivolous!) Women used to wear these aprons while entertaining during the holidays. (I have also found these types of aprons that were made and worn for wedding showers.) It’s fun to put something old to a new use. Begonia

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