Vintage Christmas Joy


I found this Box O’ Christmas Cheer at an estate sale in July and bought it for 50 cents. I thought I would share it with you now because ‘tis the season.

I picked out the stuff I knew for sure I didn’t want and left those items behind. Most of the box is plain Shiney Brite glass balls in tough shape (I was attracted to the pink ones), but it also contains a couple of indents in good shape, a West German paper candy container ornament, a couple of glass balls with ridges, and three small Radko figural ornaments. (One of the figurals is from another sale that day and cost me all of 25 cents!)

Total for all of this Christmas Joy? Seventy-Five cents!

Life is Good. Begonia


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2 Responses to Vintage Christmas Joy

    • Do you go to many garage or estate sales? I get most of my household and garden stuff at these sales. I only run across good Christmas stuff once in a while. Just enough to keep me out of the antique shops! Begonia

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