Collecting (Things of Little or No Value): Turkeys!



This is the center piece my mother made. I need to have my daughter create a dry arrangement to fill it.


I don’t know what possessed me to start collecting turkeys. Maybe because they remind me of giant chickens. A friend of mine was married to a large-animal veterinarian, and he would bring home all kinds of animals that people had on their farms that they no longer wanted–and often were just going to take out on the back 40 and shoot. He brought home goats, llamas, a Doberman pincher, and once a gigantic Tom turkey. This turkey was the size of a sheep. It could have pulled a small wagon!

Maybe that is why all my turkeys are Toms!

I display them around the house–on the dining room table as a center piece, on the side board as a candy dish, even in my bathroom! (Everyone uses the bathroom multiple times a day–why not put your collections where you will see them the most often?)

IMG_6900I’ve found my birds at garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and antique and collectable shops. They are made of metal, plastic, wax, glass, cermaics, and china. Some my mother made in the ceramics phase of her life. One year each of us got a little turkey at our place at the Thanksgiving table. When she died and I was giving her other ceramics pieces to family members, I chose the big turkey she made as a center piece for my family’s table.

I never pay more than a few dollars for a turkey, because a turkey should be one of the cheap, simple pleasures of life. Buy one (or more!) real turkeys for 49 cents a pound at the grocery store, along with the other items you need, and feed your family for a week. Then boil up the carcass and make soup and feed them for a few more days. Put the other turkeys in the freezer against leaner times. Begonia


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