My “New Free” Birdfeeder

IMG_6870 (2)

Here is my newly installed “free” birdfeeder! It is squirrel proof and situated so that it can be seen from any point in the living room. I was driving along in town here after a visit with a good friend of mine a month or so ago, and there it was on the terrace near the curb. I drove past it, turned around, and stopped to load it up!

All this feeder needed to make it operational was a new perch and a cleaning. My husband installed it and I filled it with black oil seed. The birds found it after a few days–this morning house and gold finches were feeding. Later in the day, there were chickadees snatching a seed and flying away.

I love to sit in “the command center” and watch the birds feeding, while I drink something hot and plan next year’s garden! Begonia

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3 Responses to My “New Free” Birdfeeder

  1. Sanderella's Crochet says:

    I am certain the birds just love they’re new feeder!! It looks very nice!!

  2. Feeding the birds is my new “Get me through winter” hobby! I’ve turned our back deck into a sanctuary of sorts. I have two seed feeders, a suet feeder, and this weekend I made peanut butter/birdseed pine cones. I’ve had juncos, house finches, chickadees, a downy woodpecker, a hairy woodpecker, and cardinals! I love your new feeder. What a great find!

    • Sounds like you have been busy making the best of things! I am also feeding on the ground with a cheap wild bird seed mix with millet and cracked corn on the patio. I get mourning doves when I feed millet, and the cracked corn attracts a lot of blue jays. A friend gave me a neat seed wreath she had made and the birds really loved it as well–it looked like a mix of fat, peanut butter, cornmeal, and wild bird seed mix poured over and around a grapevine wreath. Almost all of the birds love the black oil seed (sunflower). I’m due to buy another bag of that! Take care, Begonia

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