Carrots DO Love Tomatoes: I Just Have to Crow about My Carrots

IMG_6840I accidentally experimented with companion planting this year! I wasn’t even thinking about the companion planting classic, Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte (also the author of Roses Love Garlic). I was in a hurry and pressed for space, so I drew my fingertip through the soil on the outer edge of the big pots in which I had planted tomato seedlings and dropped in some Scarlet Nantes seed.

They sprouted and thrived in the tomato pots and refused to germinate anywhere else in the yard. We had a meal of the thinnings and then I got busy with other things and forgot about them for a while. Later in the summer, I noticed them again while picking tomatoes. Some of them were so large that the tops of the root were rising above the soil!

IMG_6781Quite impressive, aren’t they?

These are the best and biggest carrots I have grown since I left west central Wisconsin with it’s wonderful sandy loam soil. Begonia

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