Christmas Card Shopping at My Favorite Thrift Store

IMG_6848I came home with a good-sized haul of Christmas Cards from my favorite thrift store, St. Vincent de Paul, Verona, Wisconsin. For the past couple of years, I have been buying my cards and those that I donate to the church as part of the baskets of household, baby, and personal care items that we give to those who need them each year at Christmas time.

I got all my cards for about 7 cents each. Some of the packages of cards had never been opened! I also buy cards at garage sales for 50 cents to a dollar a box during the summer. I could probably do better at a dollar store, but I like the quality I get at thrift stores and garage sales better. I find Hallmark and Lang cards regularly.

I save money and time buying my Christmas cards this way. Also, most thrift stores in my area have customer loyalty cards or punch cards for every $5 or $10 spent. I used 5 loyalty dollars when buying the four boxes of cards pictured, plus one box of Lang cards I bought for myself and this new-in-the-box poinsettia night light that caught my eye! BegoniaIMG_6851

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