Junk-Picked Bean Tower

My "New" Bean Tower!

My “New” Bean Tower!

Here is the freebee of the week. It’s my new bean tower. It started out life as a slightly defective three tiered planter. The problem was that each of the three baskets meant to fit into each of the hoops in the tower structure were missing one hook!

I don’t know the whole story behind how this planter ended up on the curb, but I assume that the people who bought it called about returning their defective purchase and were told that another would be shipped and to dispose of rather than return the bad one.

This is were I came in.

I was returning home from garage saling–unsuccessfully—when I noticed this item on the grassy terrace between sidewalk and curb. I stopped the van and got out to examine the jumble of poles and baskets. It appeared to be new and never put in the ground. While I was stopped, another car pulled up behind mine and a woman poked her head out driver’s side window and yelled, “Hey! I was going to pick that up!” I did a double take and then recognized her as an acquaintance who lived three or four houses up the street I was blocking with my van. I quickly realized she was just yanking my chain–but offered her the planter anyway. She laughingly refused and commented that it would make a great tomato cage. I told her I had other plans. We chatted a few minutes after I had loaded it into the van before moving on.
My husband was not happy to see what I had brought home. He dubbed it “The Carbuncle” and thought I should hide it in the back 40 (feet of the yard) out of public view. I told him, “No way, I want it at the end of the pea fence in the front bed, and I am going to get some free pole bean seeds from the Seed Library to plant around it.” He eventually tightened up the structure and sank it in the ground securely for me. He’s such a good man (but he still thinks it’s ugly)!

But wait–there’s more!

I also found a very nice shirt for my daughter while I was driving over to the garage sale that morning. Someone had put out a table to Freecycle and had piled it with other stuff they could no longer use. By the time I happened upon it, there were only a pair of sandals, a shirt, and the table itself left!

I was concerned that junk picking would become a thing of the past when our village went to a mechanically picked up bin system–one bin for garbage and another for recycling. No more individual garbage cans. Every homeowner is assigned a couple of these big rolling bins. As it turns out, it has actually made junk picking easier! People have been putting stuff out on the terrace to give away regularly, and it is easier to discern what is good and what is really junk.

Now all we need is a decent rain, so those pole beans will sprout and start climbing! Begonia

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