Planting Peas


IMG_6332I got out and planted peas a few days ago in the front side yard. It was a warm breezy day and everyone was out walking their dogs, doing yard work, or running. I even saw a few people on bicycles go by. (You can always hear them coming when they are in groups because of their shouted conversations!)

I planted sugar snap and sweet yellow edible pod peas on the oppositeIMG_6333 side of the trellis from where I had grown peas last year. The yellow peas are seed that I borrowed from the seed library at our local library. (See my April 3 blog, “Our Local Library’s Seed Library.”) I will be collecting seed from them to return if all goes according to plan.

The greens that I planted in my cold frames are coming up already, and the garlic I planted last fall wintered over well and are showing new growth as are the chives. We had some cold and snow earlier this week that has slowed progress in other areas of the garden but started the sap flowing in the big maple on the north side yard again. Warmish days and freezing nights should keep it flowing through Friday. At it’s present rate, I should have 10+ gallons of sap by Saturday to boil down.

It is supposed to be spring again this weekend (with temps in the 50s and 60sF, so I am getting ready to plant more lettuce, mache, spinach, and radishes in my containers in the front. Always something to look forward to! Begonia

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