Busy Day: Canning Maple Syrup

Pints of Gold!

Pints of Gold!

I had a busy day yesterday. I had accumulated a couple gallons of maple syrup in the refrigerator, and it was time to can the syrup for longer-term storage. Also, we were due for some rain and colder temps over the next few days, and since I don’t have a kitchen stove right now, I had to get the job done on the outdoor stove while I could!

I ended up canning 21 pints of maple syrup. I’ve never canned outside or with gas IMG_6327(propane) before, but I am going to from now on. 15,000 BTUs sure gets a kettle boiling in a hurry. They aren’t kidding when they say, “Now we’re cooking with gas!” My indoor stove top is electric, but gas is so much more constant and easier to regulate. It’s like driving a Ferrari after making do with a Toyota Tercel (although I loved my zippy but underpowered Tercel hatchback).

I was able to run three batches of pints through the waterbath canner inside a couple of hours because I never had to wait for the water to come back IMG_6317to a boil. I reheated the syrup on the second burner and used a small hotplate to simmer my lids. I gathered a variety of little tables to hold my canning equipment for filling and sealing the jars.IMG_6315

I brought the jars into the house to cool undisturbed for 24 hours. I heard seals popping as soon as I pulled the canner basket out of the boiling water. The air temperature was in the low 60s F. I will remove the rings and stow these Pints of Gold in the canning closet. Hopefully, they will be the first of many canned foods I will put up this season. Begonia

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3 Responses to Busy Day: Canning Maple Syrup

  1. Amy Saab says:

    WOW! I’m impressed! I grew up in Vermont & have been in Alabama for years. I share my stories of having, ‘sugar on snow’ at the local sugaring farms. Where are you in the north that you are able to make your own Maple syrup??? I only buy Vermont Maple syrup here, i can find it everywhere. ~amy

    • Thanks for commenting Amy. I’m really a letter writer by nature and like to correspond with the people who read my “letters.”

      I live in a small town in south central Wisconsin. You can make syrup from any kind of maple tree–the sugar content of the sap will just be less than that of a Sugar maple. (You just need the right weather conditions for sap flow.) The tree I have gotten 95% of my sap from is a big non-Sugar maple. We can buy Wisconsin, Michigan, and Vermont maple syrup in the grocery stores here. Some people say that they can tell the difference. I’m fine with the stuff I’ve been making on the place this year. Maybe I’ll try tapping a few of my birch trees next year!Begonia

      • Amy Saab says:

        I like letter writers. Makes the world a little more personal. Thank you for sharing your cool experience with making maple syrup. In Alabama, it doesn’t get cold enough. So I buy from ‘home’ & i can picture all the glorious foliage of maple tree in my mouth, head & heart. ~amy

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