Bloglet: Oriole Nest Bling

IMG_6000The nests the local robins and orioles built last year (which were revealed in all their glory when the leaves fell from the trees last fall) prove that something wonderful can come from just about anything with the right techniques.

One of our neighbors had a double graduation party last May. They worked hard at cleaning up the yard and mulching over the rough spots and just generally spiffing the place up for company. Both sides of the street filled with cars and they had a nice celebration.

Within the next few days, we started noticing the tinsel.

First, it was a few strands in the gutter in front of the house. Then I found some in the front yard, a few silver strands tangled in the tomatoes. As the days passed, I started finding it in the side and back yards. When I noticed a piece dangling from the chicken yard fence, I started getting a bit annoyed.

I picked up tinsel for weeks. (When I mentioned it to one of my neighbors across the street, she said that she was still finding the stuff in her yard 5 months later!)

One chilly day while raking leaves last fall, I looked up and my eye was caught IMG_6311by glittering at the very top of the maple in my side yard (I’m cooking down the sap from that tree now!) It was an oriole’s nest, and it looked like a silver comet! The pair of orioles that come back to our yard to nest and eat grape jelly each spring had built a nest with that pesky silver tinsel.


IMG_6310It isn’t the only gaudy nest in the neighborhood. I was walking downtown last week and noticed this robin’s nest in my neighbor’s front yard shining in the Spring sun! Begonia

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