Planting the Cold Frames

IMG_6297I was finally able to plant the cold frames! I get quite a bit done in the yard and house while my sap boils down into syrup. I have to skim and transfer boiling sap into the finishing pan and add more cold sap to warming pan every 15 minutes or so for most of the day. As a result, I find myself doing all kinds of jobs outside in these 15-minute time periods. It takes about 15 minutes to dig and plant one cold frame with greens!

The frame on the right is now planted with American Seed Italian Mixture salad blend, containing arugula; Swiss chard; six types of lettuce; and two kinds of chicory, endive, and spinach. The frame on the left contains separate areas of spinach, ice berg lettuce, and Old’s mesclun mixture: seven kinds of lettuce (three green leaf, two red, and two romaine), arugula, and endive.

I’m hoping for green salads by mid-May. I’ll be competing with the chipmunks, so maybe this is a vain hope–time will tell. Begonia

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