Circle Dishcloths

IMG_6277I was shopping at our local St. Vincent De Paul thrift shop and found a nice skein of 100% cotton yarn for 60 cents. I had just been thinking that I needed to buy some new dishwashing cloths and decided I could make my own much more economically. Out of that skein, I made three round dishcloths for 20 cents per cloth, plus I had a little bundle of cotton string left over to toss in the kitchen “junk” drawer for the next time I need to tie up a plant or a chicken for roasting!

I found the pattern via allfreecrochet. It Is a good size that fits my hand well. At only 13 rounds, these dishcloths worked up quickly with an H hook. The single crochet creates a tight fabric that doesn’t stretch out to an unmanageable size when wet, yet the chain stitches in the pattern keep it flexible and easy to wrap around silverware or stuff into a drinking glass. There is just enough openness in the texture of the fabric to capture crumbs when wiping a counter, and it is nubbly enough for scrubbing.

If you like to crochet, this is a nice quick project to work on while you watch TV or take with you to pass the time. Begonia

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