Bloglet: First Robins of 2014

IMG_6219Well, these weren’t exactly the first robins, but they were the first robins that I saw and heard singing. (By the way, that little dot in the dead center of the picture is one of the birds I am talking about, and if you look closely, you can see a second robin off to the left at the very top of the photo!)

We had seen a flock of birds that flew like robins earlier in the week  while taking a walk at dusk near our home. We were walking on the road that runs through a county park that has a small lake that is fed by a number of springs. They flew over the lake in a flock of twelve birds. Mourning doves roost all winter near the springs in the valley of this park as do flocks of robins when they return from Texas in early spring.

We still have plenty of snow cover. I feel sorry for these birds when they come back and the conditions seem so harsh and barren. I guess they will just have to content themselves with the wizened crab apples still clinging to the neighborhood trees. The worms are safe for now under several feet of snow and frozen ground.

I fed the wild birds this morning. They had been feeding heavily at the feeders because of the bitter cold we had earlier this week. (Nighttime temps were below zero F.) I threw down wild bird mix for the ground feeding birds and refilled the hanging feeders with black oil (sunflower) seed. A number of weeks ago, I fed the last packet of suet that I had gotten as part of our split half of beef, so I had to pick some up at the local grocery store. I am careful to keep the feeders full right through “the starving time” of March and April.

Hearing the robins sing in the early spring is like smelling lilacs later in the season. It eases the spirit and brings hope. Begonia

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2 Responses to Bloglet: First Robins of 2014

  1. We’ve got robins the whole year round. One at each end of the garden with the bird bath marking the limit of their territory. The original DMZ as they will take turns having a bath BUT wow betide the one who climbs out of the bath on the wrong side.

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