Thank You!

IMG_6202I was just talking to a friend yesterday about thank you notes and how most people don’t send them anymore.

Maybe folks think that it is just another worthless piece of paper that someone reads and recycles within seconds–so what’s the point?

The point is that saying Thank You, whether by snail mail or some form of personal media, creates opportunities.

A thank you gives you an opportunity to

  • Reinforce a relationship–“Your box arrived today, and it felt great to know that you were thinking of me.”
  • Tell the giver how the gift is being used and how it is affecting their daily life–“I’ve gotten so many compliments whenever I wear that sweater you gave me–it the perfect color. 🙂 “
  • Give them clues as to whether or not you want more of the same!–“Thanks for the socks. Now I have 100 pairs!“
  • Convey courtesy–Sure you’re busy, so is everyone else, and they took the time to send you a gift.
  • Let that person know that their gift arrived safely–No, seeing that the check has cleared when I get my bank statement is not an adequate substitute!
  • Express appreciation–“I was having a tough day until your package arrived.”

Christmas, birthdays, winning a drawing or door prize at a local business, and thoughtful gestures are all opportunities for you to express in a few sentences that these people and the time they spent thinking of you were worth the effort.

It occurred to me after writing all of this–When have I ever thanked the people that follow or read my blog? I don’t think I ever have, so before I close, I would just like to say:

To My Readers:

Thank you so much for reading my blog. It has been an important outlet for my self-expression and has given me many pleasurable hours of writing and the opportunity to share what I know. Your comments and encouragement have led me to produce over 300 blogs in the last three years.  I really look forward to having you read my work, and I appreciate your comments. When I get up in the morning after posting and check my e-mail, I always have a wonderful feeling of anticipation. Thanks Again!


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7 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Brought up “proper like” my wife is a great fan of sending thank you notes or even just saying thank you. “Politeness costs nothing”, she often says.
    It’s rubbing off on me (after 25 years something had to) yet we both appreciate the little things in life we do for each other.
    From making a hot drink to running the hoover round (and yes we both do that).
    A habit I got into stems back to a past life living with a Norwegian family when after ever meal the mother was thanked for her efforts “takk for det” (thanks for that). I still say that, and mean it.

  2. Sanderella's Crochet says:

    I grew up with sending a thank you, and did for years. Now days however with everyone so busy and most have their lives on the computer/internet, people do tend to send their thanks that way…I know….everything is changing!

    • I’ve gotten a few thank yous via the net, and they were very much appreciated. Sometimes the net is the BEST way to thank people, such as when you get two weeks’ worth of meals from your church and they are donated anonymously. If the person to whom I am giving a gift opens it and express thanks to me personally, I don’t expect a note. What my friend and I were noting was that there seems to be a general decline in people thanking others for gifts, period. It’s like they expect gifts as their “right,” so why give thanks?

      I appreciate gifts of any kind because they were pretty thin on the ground when I was growing up and as a young adult. In my family, the person who gave the gift either made it or earned the money to buy it by doing some hard work. My older siblings were lucky if they got a cake on their birthday. Sometimes I will write a thank you even though I have already thanked the gift giver verbally–and here’s why, because I got a chance to use what they gave me and appreciated it even more! Begonia

      • Sanderella's Crochet says:

        Got it, and I agree. It is a hardship for me that took early S.S. to care for my mother to gift 5 people on Birthdays….min. 25.00, and Christmas presents. I now make all of my gifts, crochet something, make fudge. If they don’t like them, let them re gift or throw it out. I don’t care! If I get a gift from anyone at all I do thank, not just upon opening, but during the course of the visit, I find something to say about it, upon leaving, and I use to even with family, send thank you cards, however I no longer do so because I thank my family members well. Now if a neighbor brought something to my door, a gift, plate of food, etc., I would most certainly pick out a lovely card and write my personal thank you message. That is the proper way to thank your neighbor, or friend. They will appreciate the note, and remember your thoughtfulness.

      • Sounds like we are on the same wavelength Sandy! 🙂

      • Sanderella's Crochet says:

        Yes, I believe that we are….our upbringing….common sense!

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