Cheap Home Improvements

IMG_6138You know, it’s the little things. . . . At one of the last garage sales so of the season last year, I came upon two almost-full boxes of peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles for a buck a box.  For some time, I’ve been disgusted with the state of the undersink areas of both bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink especially. Under the kitchen sink was distressing in the extreme–an area where we collect garbage, recycling, and compostable scraps. This area had a plywood bottom and was really hard to clean. I’d tried plastic contact paper, but it didn’t hold up to having recycling and garbage containers pulled and pushed over it.

IMG_6149 (2)When I saw those boxes of vinyl tiles, I knew I’d found the answer to my problem. My husband has been taking advantage of this cold weather and some slack time in the business to finish up some projects around the house and do some of the smaller jobs on his “honey do” list, such as installing tile under all of the sinks upstairs. He even tacked up some white Masonite left over from building the chicken house to wall in the sides of the undersink area in the kitchen. (The retired farmer who built this house also did all of the cabinet work, cherry paneling, and trim in the house. He must have had a tidier wife than I am or was just too worn out to attend to this detail–probably the former!)

We even had a box of tile left over that we donated to the Habitat Restore the last time we were in Madison, along with a ceiling fixture that my husband had replaced with a Hunter ceiling fan I bought at a garage sale for $10. Rewiring the library, installing six recessed lights, and repainting the ceiling was another project that he recently finished.

To finish with another trite truism, no good deed goes on unpunished. While he was working under the kitchen and one of the bathroom sinks, he found that both fixtures are leaking! We put pails under them for now, and the hunt will begin for fixtures to replace them. Begonia


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