Christmas Eve Freeze and More Decorated Trees

cropped-IMG_0153.jpgIt is freezing cold -1F and bright out this morning. There was diamond dust (ice crystals) gleaming in the air. I’m writing this while I work up the guts to go out and check on and clean up after the girls in their nice snug coop. It will probably be too hot out there.IMG_6091 The sun shines in the big picture window on the south side of the coop, and there is quite a bit of solar gain. The big window had a 3-inch dead-air space,  and the insulation in the ceiling and walls is R11 and the gable ends are R5. Hay added to the pine shaving bedding insulates the floor somewhat, and with a 64-square-foot floor space, the little electric oil radiator (no exposed heating element that could start a fire–but I keep it above the bedding on block anyway) has no problem keeping the space above freezing in any weather. (The girls seem happy. They gave me an early Christmas present of three fresh eggs!)

IMG_6092One thing my chicken house doesn’t have is any kind of Christmas tree. I couldn’t take the chance that they might not attack and eat it! Fortunately, I have plenty of room for Christmas trees in the house. It’s like gelatin, there’s always room for more. Stay warm. BegoniaIMG_6080 (3)

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