More Snow–More Christmas Decorations!

IMG_6082 (2)

This little tree was a wonderful find. I saw it sparkling in the sun on a 80+F day this past summer and bought it for the princely sum of one dollar. Just look at it now! I fondly call this my Potty Tree because it is displayed on the counter of our pink bathroom. I also call it the Harlow tree because it is silver, white, mirrored and looks like it would fit well into some 1920s starlet’s dressing room. The white plastic reindeer was liberated from a sleigh at some point in it’s history. (All my reindeer are Free and are no one’s beasts of burden!) The Lucite stars I’m using as ornaments are actually Christmas light reflectors. I use reflectors as ornaments on a number of my trees.

We had ourselves a little snowstorm last night. About 5 or 6 inches fell, sometimes at a rate of an inch per hour! People are out today with snow blowers, garden tractors with blades, and shovels moving it out of the way. I am inside where it is warm after moving enough snow to throw some seed on the patio for the wild birds and wading through driftsIMG_6112 to visit with the neighbors a bit.

The sky is the color of a mourning dove’s breast feathers, so I know that there is more snow to come. Later today, we are going to go out and snowshoe in the country park just down the hill from our neighborhood. I saw some people walking up the hill with cross country skis over their shoulders while I was finishing my morning coffee.


This little tree is in the library that my husband created for me this year. It is a wonderful space and this little faux feather tree fits perfectly. The tiny glass baubles I’ve dressed it with this year were collected in handfuls over the past ten years. I like their slightly distressed aged look. (Most of what I own is a tad distressed!) I could have put more on this tree but I think in this case less is more.

I thought I’d share a few more Christmas pictures with you while my butter warms to IMG_6109room temperature. Then, I am going to get up from this recliner (aka. The Command Center) and bake some date bars (my grandmother’s recipe) and some cinnamon shortbread. It’s going to smell really good. Begonia


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