Bloglet: What I Did Last Weekend–Canning

IMG_5938 (2)Here are the fruits of last weekend’s labors. The weather had turned blustery, and my husband had begun complaining about the subtle aroma of corruption that was starting to prevail in our now closed-up house. My crock o’ kraut either had to be canned or banished to the garage (which was not an acceptable alternative considering the mouse situation out there–that’s another story). Not only that, but the pears were ripe and attracting the fruit flies breeding in the overripe tomatoes.

Not a pretty picture.

As “they” say, “When the going get’s tough, the tough get canning.” Or was it “When the IMG_5944fruit flies get thick, . . . “? Anyway, I ended up, with the help of the Ball Blue Book of Preserving, making 14 cups of pear butter (p. 31) (from fruit I gleaned from the village compost site) and 27 pints of sauerkraut (p. 46) from the crock under the kitchen counter.

IMG_5954My canning closet in the basement is getting populated. There is something viscerally satisfying about seeing all those jars filling up. Begonia

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