Freebie of the Week: Public Power Week Open House

IMG_5883I finally made it to our public utility’s yearly open house. I had heard others talk about it, but always after the fact. “You should have been there!” This year rather than just put a small notice in the local paper, our local utility put a notice in with our monthly bills. I made a not on my calendar!

The open house was set up in the tiny area in front of the bill paying counter in the city office. It consisted of free snacks on a card table, a couple coolers of drinks pushed up against one wall, a few piles of informational handouts, and a stack of give away boxes and calendars. It all started at 8:00 a.m.

I finished some house and chicken chores, picked raspberries, and headed out to our local municipal building for the gala affair at 8:10. By 8:15, I was leaving with a box of giveaways, a calendar, one donut in a napkin, and a juice bag. There were only two free boxes left, and two other customers had just arrived to claim them.

When I got home, my family was eating breakfast. I flipped the bag of juice to my daughter (I had eaten the donut during my short drive back to the house.) and opened the free mystery box. Here’s what I found inside:

  • One fancy power strip
  • A refrigerator/freezer thermometer
  • An LED nightlight
  • Six fluorescent light bulbs

After examining it all, my husband commented,That qualifies as plunder.” Begonia

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