Harvesting Pumpkins

IMG_5823 (2)I harvested my first crop of pumpkins ever from my front yard today. Here they are–all five of them! The variety is called Snack Face and they have hull-less seeds. I love roasted pumpkin seeds, but they don’t love me. I get bad bellyaches from them these days–some fine print I obviously missed in the Over 50 Handbook right next to “You will need bifocals for reading now.”

IMG_5659We added another large triangular bed to the front yard this past year that made it possible for me to grow more food in the front yard (the only place that I have lots of sun). These pumpkins are fairly compact and grow on trellises well. The vines are stout enough to support the fruits without any added support.

The fruits are smallish. In better soil with no drought, they would be bigger than those pictured here. (I am still building the soil in this bed, and it has been dry.) Though they are mainly bred for their seeds, the flesh is almost as sweet as butternut squash. I’ve made good soup and pie from them as well. I would recommend this variety to those who don’t have a lot of space and want a multiple-use pumpkin–or anyone who loves to eat pumpkin seeds! Begonia

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