Freebie of the Week: Wire Egg Basket

IMG_5585How many eggs have I dropped or cracked against one another or simply forgotten in my pocket until I bumped into something and ended up with an embarrassing wet spot and a handful of slime?

When you have a small flock, you have a tendency to tuck an egg here or there. All of the girls lay at different times, so I tend to check for eggs throughout the day when I am out in the yard on other errands. The result is me absently setting a lone egg or two down in a place that I know I won’t forget and then going back into the house without them only to have to back track or run across them later.

Not any more! Now I have an egg basket that is just the right size for my flock. It was a freebie from my local coop the last time I stocked up on Purina feed plus bedding, a couple of 50-pound bags of scratch grains, and a new three-gallon waterer.

Isn’t it neat? Have you gotten anything free lately? Begonia

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4 Responses to Freebie of the Week: Wire Egg Basket

  1. I love it! Do you think I could get one in Ireland?

    • Not unless you buy Purina feed! I don’t know if they would have given me one if I hadn’t been dickering with them over the new waterer which had a dented rim! They ended up taking 10% off the price of the chicken waterer and throwing in the free basket! LOL

  2. pobept says:

    😦 My local feed store must be keeping egg baskets for them self’s. I ask about the free basket and they said they knew nothing of this free basket program.
    Happy Gardening

    • I got a my basket a few years ago. It was premium from the feed company, so I imagine it was a one-time marketing tactic. If your feed store carries that feed and it wasn’t just a regional sales thing, I’ll bet they DID keep all the baskets for themselves!! LOL

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