Freebie of the Week: Dimensional Lumber (aka–Wood for Building Stuff)

IMG_5674My husband and I like to go on dates. Our definition of “date” is any time spent alone together! One our favorite bonding experiences are our trips to the local composting site. Our composting site take “clean fill” of various types. This includes block, stone, dry wall, broken porcelain fixtures, and wood. In the case of our latest find, wood took the form of dimensional lumber from a recently demolished deck. The fact that it was treated lumber was a plus for us because it will all be used on outdoor projects.

IMG_5658The first thing my husband made was a bridge over a drainage area that we have to walk through to get to the north side of our house which is also the staging area for all our yard and garden projects. It is also where we do some of the painting, sanding, and cutting for our indoor projects. Now it is much easier to move materials in the garden cart, roll out the trash cans, and walk to and from the driveway. This area is always slushy and icy in the winter, so it has also made the area safer.

The next project for the wood will be an outdoor storage box behind the chicken coop that will hold all the feed and equipment that is currently cluttering the garage. There might even be room to start removing nails from the reclaimed flooring destined for the living room! Begonia

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