Libraries Are Wonderful Places

   I’m sitting in the library of a neighboring town writing this today because I was banished by my teenaged daughter. She doesn’t want me around while she does business with a local coffee shop. They are taking her art jewelry on consignment. She is working out the details of display and pricing today. My services as a chauffer were required but not my presence.
She has sold her art and jewelry on consignment for a number of years in various local shops, but this is the first time she has done the whole process from business identity to retail without my interference. It went something like this, “I appreciate your input mother but . . . .”


 This has been one of her goals for the year, so I am happy for her. She decided to quit 4-H so she could put more of her energy into music and art, setting up a jewelry business, and maybe getting some of her writing accepted by a publisher. She’s achieved two out of three of those goals. I’m so proud of her.


That brings me back to libraries. Each library has it’s own ambiance. The library I am in today is fairly new. It’s windows look out on beds of prairie plantings and the public pool. Any time I look up I can see kids going down the waterslide and jumping off the low dive. It is hot outside but perfectly crispy cool in here among the books.


Libraries are a cheap change of pace for those of us who normally work in the home. When winter or weather becomes oppressive and there is no time or money for a vacation, I can always get a change of scene by driving a short distance to a different town’s library.


Many of the libraries in this part of the state are fairly new or updated. They have better furniture than my home, and I don’t have to dust or vacuum to get that just-cleaned-and-ready-for-company feel that is so relaxing. Begonia

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