Remaking Fence

   IMG_5582  This morning I went out to pick raspberries, and this is what I found. We were hit by a chain of thunderstorms that dumped gushers of rain a week or so ago. There was plenty of lightning and wind. The thunder sounded like a freight train rolling through a crossing. It was so continuous that I thought we might have a tornado.
    IMG_5581   Whatever hit this fence was running hard. It popped all of the fencing staples out, crashed into my raspberry patch, and took out this big berry bush flattening everything around it.

    IMG_5655   I’m had a dickens of a time fixing this fence. It was hard to make the wire overlap the post enough so I could staple it again because it had been so stretched out of shape. Note to self: Next time we build fence, wrap extra wire around post and double the staples. Begonia

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