The Niña and the Pinta

   IMG_5597     I just wanted to share some pictures from our visit to the Port of Dubuque at the National Mississippi River Museum recently to see the reproductions of the Niña and the Pinta. Both boats were docked in Dubuque for a week and then were moving on down the Mississippi to their next stop. We heard they were in the neighborhood through our local homeschooling group and decided they would be a nice affordable day trip.IMG_5605

    Ever since reading the O’Brian Aubrey and Maturin novels, I’ve been fascinated by sailing ships. (If you are too–and are able-bodied enough, you can actually volunteer to crew on these ships!) I was struck by the relatively small size of these ships and how many people they crowded aboard them. The age range of the sailors were very young as well–teenagers mostly.IMG_5600

    Say what you want about Columbus, he and everyone who took off for the edge of the world with him had guts. BegoniaIMG_5609

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3 Responses to The Niña and the Pinta

  1. Um; wow! I always thought they were MUCH bigger. Thanks for the visual.

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