Crocheted Baby Blanket and Hat Pattern from All Free Crochet

IMG_5623Our church gives each child born at the Dodgeville hospital a gift. We’ve been doing it for over a decade now. It was one of the first community “kindness” projects that we did as a church body. I have been contributing to the basket in the lobby where the contributions are collected from the beginning.
Lately, I have been crocheting items for the basket rather than buying them new or with the tags on at garage sales. I have a giant stash of yarn that I have been trying to pare down by making useful items and giving them away to people who need the stuff. Of course, as soon as folks found out I was making baby blankets, hats, and booties, they started giving me MORE yarn. No matter, I’ve been putting it all to good use!
Here is my latest completed project: an infant blanket and hat I made from a pattern I found on All Free Crochet. It is called One Ball Baby Blanket and Hat. I used a fluffy white worsted weight yarn from my stash. I thought that the openness of the design in the blanket would be good for summer gift giving and the hat would probably fit the baby who gets this set by autumn when the weather turns chilly.

This pattern could be worked in alternating bands of color if you don’t have enough yarn to do the whole project in one color. I really liked the border finish and the matching hat. It is called a “one ball” project, but it must be a mighty big ball! I didn’t make it as big as called for because I wanted to create a receiving blanket rather than a crib blanket. I think it worked out pretty well. Begonia

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