First Free Salad

IMG_5435At this time of year, the best vegetables are the ones I didn’t plant! The nice thing about planting open-pollinated varieties is that they reseed so readily. It also helps that I have been building soil in some areas of the yard for over 10 years now.

Every year I plant some more flowers, herbs, and greens that I know will reseed themselves. When I harvest them in the first year, I make sure to let a few plants go to seed. The next spring I wait and watch that area for volunteers. The last seed I did this with was an old Italian variety of rocket (arugula). Next to the bib and romaine lettuces, arugula is one of my “desert island” greens. A few packets of this seed would definitely make it into the lifeboat with me!

This salad contains volunteer deer tongue-type lettuce, dill, arugula, a viola blossom or two, and I will go out and pick some chive flowers for color when it stops raining! Liquid rather than frozen water falling from the sky–such a relief. Begonia

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